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The most comfortable custom made ski boot

Ski boot experts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Zeisler invents the AquaNovoBoot

Albrecht Zeisler, the owner of AquaNovoBoot, has revolu­tio­nised the market for ski boots with a completely new patented method. A clever combination of air and water pressure constructs the perfectly fitting AquaNovoBoot in water.

In this way the former National skier has been the first to invent a complete system for making custom ski boots. The European Patent Office granted Zeisler a patent for his invention of his ski boot fitting process: custom made shell, custom liner, custom insoles.

First complete system for custom made ski boots worldwide

The AquaNovoBoot collection comprises six models of perfect-fit ski boots. The AquaNovoBoot ski boot has been developed exclusively by Albrecht Zeisler, and has been worked out technically to the last detail. Particular attention was paid to high-quality shell material of polyurethane. The actual custom ski boot liner is unique on the market, as are comfortable insoles, threetimes fortified and custom made. So AquaNovoboot is the only manufacturer of ski boots in Germany.

Born in water. Made for snow.

With the AquaNovoBoot system the skier stands with ski boots in the bootbox, which is then flooded with water. Within ten minutes Zeisler and his team foam up the liner, and at the same the bootbox shapes the outside of the ski boot to measure. The AquaNovoBoot offers every skier an individually-shaped fitting with the highest degree of comfort.
AquaNovoBoot: The fitting process

What the AquaNovoBoot offers

Well now, are you interested?

Then take advantage of this ultimate ski boot comfort, invented by the former National skier Albrecht Zeisler.

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… near you or on your trip to a skiing destination. You will find locations of AquaNovoBoot specialist suppliers in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.
The AquaNovoBoot collection

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