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Custom made ski boot collection

Custom made ski boot collection

The AquaNovoBoot Collection consists of six custom made ski boot models. The basis of developing a foamed ski boot is the shell. Its form and symmetry needs to correspond to individual foot types as well as to individual skiing performance. Consequently the final choice for an AquaNovoBoot model can only be made individually with the assistance of an expert. Ganador 100: Fantastic performance combined with maximum comfort Ganador 120: The classic and the heart of the collection (Mondo 24.5 – 32.0) Ganador 130: The AquaNovoBoot for extremely sportive or sturdy skier Delgada 110-120: Ultimate support and model for slim feet and ankles Reggae: The allrounder with top notch downhill skiing quality El Mastín 140: The Race AquaNovoBoot for extreme speed

Ganador 100 | 799,95 €

Ganador 120 | 799,95 €

Ganador 130 | 849,95 €

Delgada 110-120 | 799,95 €

El Mastín 140 | 899,95 €

Reggae | 899,95 €