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Care & storage

Every AquaNovoBoot carries a fitting guarantee. In order to preserve the high quality of our customized ski boots, you should observe a few hints regarding care and storage of the ski boot.

Please note that we are unfortunately unable to give a fitting guarantee for your AquaNovoBoot if these rules are not obeyed.


  • Warning: when you are going to the skiing area, never put your ski boots in the boot. If you do, they will become cold and will be difficult to put on. If they are open when they are in the trunk, it will be difficult to close up the buckles.

Putting on the AquaNovoBoot:

  • Open the buckles and fold them down at the side.
  • Press the tongue forward towards the toe of the ski boot. WARNING: Do NOT pull the tongue upwards out of the boot. It can tear off .
  • Bring the tongue back to its former position and check that it sits properly. You can then close the ski boot.
  • WARNING: The most common mistake occurs handling the tongue. When you are putting on the boot or taking it off, the tongue must not be bent or creased at the instep or the calf, and must not form folds.
  • WARNING: Otherwise such polaces may press or rub when you close the ski boot and go skiing for a few hours.
Putting on the AquaNovoBoot

Drying the boot after skiing:

  • Never place the AquaNovoBoot on heating pipes to dry. This will affect the measurements and the insole may melt into the liner.
  • Never keep your made-to-measure boots with the buckles open.
  • When closing the boot, see that the tongue is not creased, trapped or distorted. This will cause problems with the tongue at the instep or the calf when you next go skiing.

Additional information on the fitting guarantee

If you should have any questions regarding the AquaNovoBoot, simply get in touch with us at